Company Profile

Kansal Fibres Ltd is driven by a fervent vision for returns-both qualitative and Quantitative. While, at the outset, such a vision may lack a degree of selflessness, this goal is fuelled with a greater objective in mind. Kansal Fibres, in the long run, hopes to strengthen and buoy the nation’s economy. With our skill-set, we plan to take the economy to greater heights.

During the Year under review your Company has disposed off the steel Unit under compelling circumstances

Kansal Fibres Limited was incorporated in 1994 and is based in Ludhiana, India.


Kansal Fibres Ltd., started its operation in the year 1994, one of the largest industrial conglomerates in India. Kansal Fibres Ltd was having Synthetic Blended & Cotton Ring Spun Yarn manufacturing facility. We produced synthetic Blended Ring Spun Yarn & 100% cotton Ring Spun Yarn.

The company was enjoying excellent sales network in India for Grey and Dyed Solid Griddles, fancy & ring spun knitting / Weaving Yarns in various blends. However, due to adverse government policies and market, operation of spinning unit of the company was suspended during October 1998. During the year 1998-99, the company has disposed off the steel Unit under compelling circumstances. Thenafter, the Board of Directors of the Company has started trading of fibers in domestic market. We are highly eco-friendly in approach and take every precaution to work in Conjunction with the environment. Taking the utmost care so as not to damage the ecosystem, there is a tint of green in our outlook.