The company's main objective is to carry on the business of spinners, weavers, knitters, combers, manufacturers, producers, processors, importers, exporters, buyers, sellers and dealers in all kinds of yarns and fibres whether synthetic, artificial or natural, nylon, polyester, acrylics, rayon, silk, artificial silk, linen, cotton, wool, jute & any other fibre or fibrous materials whether synthetic, artificial or natural, textile substance allied products, by products and substitutes for all or any of them and to treat and utilise any waste arising from any such manufacture, production or process whether carried on by the Company or otherwise.


Kansal Fibres Ltd is driven by a fervent vision for returns-both qualitative and Quantitative. While, at the outset, such a vision may lack a degree of selflessness, this goal is fuelled with a greater objective in mind. Kansal Fibres, in the long run, hopes to strengthen and buoy the nation’s economy. With our skill-set, we plan to take the economy to greater heights.